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Giving a Sexual massage and techniques

What are some sexual massage strokes and techniques for the most erotic and powerful erotic massage ever. Erotic massage is a sexy way of starting any lovemaking session.

I am a professional erotic masseur, so I though I would pass on some tips from my private practice. I cover 20 massage tips on the penis and vulva in my free newsletter.

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Giving A Sexual massage:  Tip One

I generally start with a feather or some fur to touch the whole body. Long and slow strokes with a feather can be a great way for the receiver to relax and get into their body.

Starting slow is the best way to start a sexual massage. Long gliding strokes up the whole body, from toes to the head is pretty sexy. Later in the massage, vary the speed and the pressure of your touch to provide some variety in your massage.

Giving A Sexual massage:  Tip Two

Light touch can be very erotic and sexual. I touch to just feel the hairs on the body and no more. Very slow and very light can be very sexual. Some people react to very light touch, so be sensitive to the reaction.

Giving A Sexual massage:  Tip Three

This is really nice and gets a good reaction every time I use this technique. Blow up from the legs an over the pussy or penis and up the belly. Do this three times in the massage. Do not blow in the vulva but just over the surface, as this can be a health risk.

Giving A Sexual massage:  Tip Four

When the man or woman is lying on their belly try this powerful method. Blow into the surface of the anus opening and hold the bum open. Try receiving this method and you will be surprised how pleasurable you feel. The anus has a lot of nerve endings.

Giving A Sexual massage:  Tip Five

Light spanking can be a real turn on for many men and women. Try some very light spanking on the vulva when the woman is turned on.. It is important to ask for feedback about this method.

Another way to start the vulva massage is to hold one hand on the vulva and one on the heart. Now ask her to breath into the belly. Hold this position for a minute or two.

More explicit strokes are described in a lot of detail in my free newsletter. Enjoy your next erotic massage.

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